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"Your operation is unquestionably the best. Dr. Thomas figured me out a long time ago,that I was the anxious type,and he always manages my treatments to keep the anxietylevel to the minimum. The office staff and hygienist are expert,friendly,and fast.WHO could ask for more?

Dr. Thomas , the NO-Pain dentist ! I've lost count the number of people I've referred to you. If they're smart,you're seeing them regularly."


I have been coming to Dr. Thomas for the last 15yrs. and I am very pleased with everything. The staff is wonderful and they always greet you with a smile. Brent told me once "I don't like Pain".... and he has not let me feel pain. Thanks Everyone!
Kathy M.

I just would like to say, Dr. Thomas' office has a very friendly staff and look forward to making it MY family Dentist.
Mandy C.

Doctor Thomas and all the staff make you feel like part of a big family. Everyone is very helpful,kind,and ensure that I have as pleasant a visit as possible. I always leave my appointments in a positive mood.
Victor L.

The staff is excellent and really seems to do their part of making patients more comfortable.

M. Morris

Paula was very understanding when I missed my appt on my part and did very well getting me rescheduled. Kathy was very knowledgeable about the procedures and the cost of what I wanted done. Very professional nurse. I appreciate the time Dr. Thomas took to listen and give me my best options. Very impressed with up to date procedures done on teeth.
J. Skipper

Your entire team is GREAT!!! They always make me feel as if I am part of the family. Thank you for a pleasant visit for something I used to DREAD.
Francine P.

Everyone I encountered was friendly, kind, and efficient. You are all doing a great job!
Marilyn A.

I don't know who my hygienist was, but I REALLY liked her. She was excellent and so gentle. I love it when I leave the dentist's office and-- even without pain medication--nothing is sore or tender. GREAT WORK!!! I refer friends and Vicksburg newcomers to Dr. Thomas. Why would they want to go anywhere else?!
S. Ables

I have been a patient of Dr. Thomas' since he came to Vicksburg. I know everybody that works there and interacted with Paula, Dawn, EJ, Dr. Thomas and Sonia at my appointment yesterday. I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else because of how I am treated at Dr. Thomas' office. What more can I say?
B. Cupit

I was just very happy with your office. The staff is great and I am very comfortable there. Money is tight for us so I am grateful I am not pressured to have work I still need to have done. Will schedule for it when it's financially feasible for us.
S. Sparks

Brent, I'm extremely happy that you are my dentist. You are the greatest! In addition, your staff is so friendly and competent. I think you should give them all a raise. OOOPS- that would mean my dental bill wound go up. Hmmm!!
B. Johnson

In my experience, Dr. Thomas probably runs the best dental office in the city.
C. Crist

Gina was my hygienist. She did an outstanding job. I've never gone to the dentist and left without any pain, but she made sure it was PAIN FREE!!! She is very nice and explained everything to me so well. I was so pleased. She was great!

I don't know of any way y'all could possibly do anything better. Dr. Thomas is the BEST dentist ever. (I should have changed to him when Mom and Tim first told me about him!) His staff is the most wonderful, professional, and courteous I've encountered anywhere-- a great team. Forgive me if I misspell this, but Michael Ann is wonderful too. I knew she was going out of her way yesterday to do her job with extra care; she was watching out for me since I'm on blood thinners right now. I really appreciate her patience and diligence. Y'all are the best!!
Susan A.

Every person there was great....greetings, explanations, very friendly. Dr. Thomas was pain or discomfort! (and the most comfortable patient chair ever.) I appreciate Dr. Shrock's referring me to him.
Clara P.

Been a customer for over 25 yrs. They do a great job so that's why I drive an hour from home for my regular visits. Keep up the good work guys. Thx Brent......HL
H. Lewis

This was my first visit to Dr. Thomas' office and I was very pleased! (The staff) was very, very sweet and informational. (They) spent a great deal of time with me explaining everything and answering my questions. Dr. Thomas was super nice and quick. I really enjoyed my visit with him. I was only there for a short time because they were so quick and I did not have to wait which was great. Great service!
K. Baker

In my opinion, there are no other dentists/ dental teams in Vicksburg! Y'all are IT!
Seriously, it's obvious that you all do your parts to make every patient feel comfortable and appreciated, and that's what it's all about!
Jim M.